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A secure way for sharing passwords

How do you send and share passwords? SendPass offers you an easy, free and secure way to share passwords by generating a unique, one-time code which you send to your recipient.

Discover this modern and secure way for sharing passwords.
Password to code

Enter password

Enter your password or generate a secure one instantly. A unique, one-time code and link is generated which you can safely share with your recipient. Your password is stored encrypted in a secure database.

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Password to code
Send one-time code

Share one-time code

Share the one-time code or link with your recipient in any way you like. Because you do not share the actual password, you are certain that it cannot be retrieved or found back by others in an archive or chat-log.

One-time code

Securely retrieve

Your recipient can easily collect the password using the code or unique link, after which it will be instantly deleted from our database. Once it has been collected by your recipient, it is impossible to retrieve the password again.

One-time code